About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Optimi was created to enable you to do the things you love – whether that’s climbing a mountain, going for a run in the park, or walking your children to school. Whatever your passions are in life, we believe the journey is more enjoyable with a fit, healthy and pain-free body.

We were founded with the belief that the advanced levels of care and the latest clinical research available to professional athletes should be available to all of us. Yet for many, this knowledge is completely inaccessible. Optimi exists to change this.

Our vision is to make world class exercise science and therapy accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world

Our Team


Piers Shotter

Chief Executive Officer

- Former Army Officer
- Exercise and Sport Science Sydney University


Abby Seneor

Chief Technology Officer

- Awarded Top 10 women in AI in Europe by 'Women in AI'
- AI Innovation Engineer at Microsoft and Intel


Shane Kertanegara

Chief Clinical Officer

- Former Head Physio Australia U20 Rugby Team
- Former Head of Medical Performance NSW Waratahs