About Us


Our Vision

Our company was founded with the belief that the advanced levels of care and the latest clinical research available to elite athletes are just as applicable to the general population as they are to top sportsmen and women. Yet for many, this knowledge is completely inaccessible. Optimi exists to change this.

We're making elite level exercise science and therapy accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world

Our Team

We were founded by three individuals suffering from joint conditions and seeking a better solution.


Piers, our CEO, is a former Army officer with a background in sport and a degree in exercise and sport science from Sydney University. Whilst playing rugby in Australia he met Shane Kertanegara, an elite sports physiotherapist, who guided him through the rehabilitation of multiple muscle and joint injuries.


After 5 years in Australia, Piers returned to the U.K. to join the British Army and Shane became the Head Physio of the Australian U20 Rugby Team and the Head of Medical Performance at the NSW Waratahs (an elite Super 15 rugby club). Over the next decade Shane continued to treat Piers remotely, supporting him through 3 knee surgeries. Piers felt the level of care Shane provided was far more effective than anything he was able to access through general population channels and so the vision was born to make the knowledge and techniques of elite sports medicine clinicians accessible to us all.


In order to realise this vision, the cutting edge clinical thinking needed to be supported by the most advanced technologies. Abby joined the team to provide this expertise. Abby is a former Microsoft and Intel computer scientist with specialist knowledge of AI and augmented reality. She is also an iron-woman triathlete managing chronic knee pain following a knee reconstruction. Our team brings together clinical and technical expertise to develop a digital health platform which will change the way we access support for muscle and joint conditions.


Piers Shotter

Chief Executive Officer

Abby Seneor

Chief Technology Officer

Shane Kertanegara

Chief Clinical Officer