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Optimi gives your employees access to an exercise medicine and physiotherapy platform designed by top sports clinicians. If you’re trying to create a culture that prioritises employee health and provides meaningful support, our platform is for you.

Reduce Time Off

Reduce time off work caused by muscle and joint problems

Access to Experts

Provide access to top clinicians and exercise professionals

Increase Employee Health

Increase employee fitness and productivity

Health Challenges

Gamified health and fitness challenges

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What our users are saying

“I think the Optimi app for knee pain would be very beneficial for people. I like how it asks your starting pain level, the progressive moves and Level Up tests in order to progress”.

Shannon Clemens-Syrstrad
Optimi User

“I love the top sports background from the optimi team and am really enjoying their scientific approach. Feels like I’m in great hands. I’ve found my knee pain has really settled and I’m now running again!”

Noah Flanagan
Optimi User

“My knees have not felt this good in a very long time”​


Chris Whitaker
Former International Rugby Player & Optimi User