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Gain Access to World-Class Sports Medicine Clinicians & Let Us Help You Manage your Knee Pain for Free!

Our company was founded with the belief that the advanced levels of care and the latest clinical research available to elite athletes are just as applicable to the general population as they are to top sportsmen and women. Yet for many, this knowledge is completely inaccessible. Optimi exists to change this.

"We're making advanced exercise science and therapy accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world."

Who Are We?​

We are a team of top clinicians and scientists building a digital health platform that gives you access to the highest level of exercise science and therapy in a format that is easy to understand. Our clinical thinking is led by Shane Kertanegara - former Head Physio of the Australian U20 Rugby Team and Head of Medical Performance at the NSW Waratahs (Super 15 Rugby) and Dr Sharon Flahive - Chief Medical Officer of the Australian Women's Rugby Team and Fellow of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians (FACSP). We are designing self-management programmes for common muscle and joint conditions which apply the latest techniques from elite sport and clinical research. We’re starting with knee pain before moving onto other joints.

Who Do We Exist?

The sports medicine world has developed at a rapid pace over the last decade, with more and more research available to clinicians to guide the treatment of injuries. However this research and the learnings gained in professional sports can often take years to reach the general population. Our goal is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone so that we can enable more people to improve their health and keep doing the activities they love with the guidance of experts.

Who Can Benefit from Optimi?

If you have long term knee pain and own a smartphone then our knee programme is for you. We’re making an early version of our app available to a select group of individuals, who are currently managing knee pain. This may include; arthritis, runner’s knee, or general wear and tear. The app is designed specifically to assess your base level of pain and function and then provide you with a personalised exercise and rehab plan designed by our top sports medicine clinicians. You will be guided through progressively advanced levels, helping you to improve your function and reduce your pain.
"My knees have not felt this good in a very long time"
Chris Whitaker​
Former Australian International Rugby Player

What are the benefits of Optimi's approach?​

In short, simple expert guidance and support to help you reduce your pain and return to the activities you love.

Personalised programmes designed by top clinicians and supported by our clever technology. As you evolve, so does your programme

An engaging community for you to share experiences, learn from others and receive motivation

A simple goal setting and rewards feature to help keep you on track. Keep your goal front and centre and be rewarded for your progress

Educational content covering nutrition, mindset and mindfulness, rest and recovery, general health and wellbeing

Optimi will help you to improve your health and conditioning whilst managing joint pain and injuries.  We’re starting with treatment strategies but our ultimate goal is to prevent, rather than treat and our product will evolve with you to achieve this. We would love for you to join our journey and benefit from the expertise of our team.