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How to successfully deal with the psychological scars of sports injury

Getting injured sucks! No two ways about it. If you’re an athlete participating in sport at any level then the chances are you know all about the disappointment of being forced to stop doing what you enjoy as a result … Read More

Importance of goal setting in injury rehab

Goals are a way of transforming intentions into actions. They are an extremely useful tool for application in any aspect of life, and can help to increase the likelihood of achieving long term behaviour change. Without setting regular goals, you … Read More

Why you should monitor your pain through injury rehab

Pain is a frequent problem linked to musculoskeletal complaints and is one of the main reasons we stop or modify our activities. It can create feelings of frustration and fear and whilst it is influenced by tissue damage, it is … Read More

Optimi’s approach to Rehab

Who are Optimi? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the support that elite athletes have? What is it like to have access to a team of experts – top strength and conditioning coaches, world class … Read More

How do I protect my knees when running?

What is runner’s knee? Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) or runner’s knee is a general term for a number of conditions that cause pain from the patellofemoral joint and the surrounding tissues. This joint is the intersection between the kneecap (patella) … Read More

Common Misconceptions About Strength Training and the Knee Joint

The vast majority of us will experience pain around the knee joint at some point in our lifetime, making our favourite activities and daily tasks painful and difficult. It is estimated that 40% of total sports injuries occur at the … Read More